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Gotham Season 3 is a 2016 Television Series Free download In HD 720p / 1080p / 360p / 3GP / MP4 Quality and freely enjoy this series (Watch OR DOWNLOAD) More

Gotham Season 3 (Tv Series)

Rating Gotham (2014) on IMDb
Genre Action
Producers Scott White
Rebecca Perry Cutter
Editors Daniel Gabbe
David Ekstrom
Mark C. Baldwin
John Ganem
Barrie Wise
Leland Sexton
Creators Bruno Heller
Country of origin Unites States
Language English
Star cast Ben McKenzie
Donal Logue
David Mazouz
Zabryna Guevara
Sean Pertwee
Robin Lord Taylor
Erin Richards
Camren Bicondova
Cory Michael Smith
Victoria Cartagena
Andrew Stewart-Jones
John Doman
Jada Pinkett Smith
Morena Baccarin
James Frain
Jessica Lucas
Chris Chalk
Drew Powell
Nicholas D’Agosto
Michael Chiklis
Maggie Geha
Benedict Samuel
Production Co. Primrose Hill Productions
DC Entertainment
Warner Bros. Television
Running time  1h
Distributor Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Original channel Fox
Picture format 1080pi HDTV 16:9
Premiere Date  19 September 2016


The battle for power in Gotham City proceeds in Gotham season 3. The new season will tell about the Court of Owls, a strange Org. that controls the city. These persuasive individuals control the destinies in Gotham for a long time. They can be the genuine offenders of the passing of Wayne family. Gotham Gazette writer Valerie Vale is prepared to make every effort to shed light on the experiments in a secret research center of Indian Hill. Tireless and self-assured lady will see rapidly that the key part in her investigative news coverage can play Jim Gordon. Mario Falcone, child of Carmine Falcone likewise show up in Gordon‘s life. The person has decided, donn’t take after footsteps of his dad and picked the life of a respect and educated doctor of the medical emergency. Great and genuine Mario has a place with the trusty guy, which absolutely makes it the black sheep of the Falcone family. In any case, the arrival of such a conventional man in Gotham makes issues, in light of the fact that Mario needs to crush Gordon‘s relation with Lee. Jervis Tetch, known as The Mad Hatter, a talented hypnotist also reached in the city who’s adjusting on the precarious edge of frenzy. His intention is to locate his missing sister. Furthermore, the city’s most noxious villians again leave the shadows. But now, Detectives Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock are prepared to meet them.

Show’s Scenes & Screenshots

Ghotam Season 3 Joker

Gotham season 3 episode 1 Better to Reign in Hell

Gotham Season 3 Jamie Chung as Valerie Vale
Gotham Season 3: Jamie Chung as Valerie Vale

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Gotham Season 3 Official Tv Show HD 720p | Fox

Gotham Season 3 Official Television Series Download Full Episodes In HDTV 1080p – Fox

Episode 1: Better to Reign in Hell..
Download: 360p – 242mb
480p – 399mb
720p – 621mb
1080p – 1.31gb

Episode 2: Burn the Witch
Download: 360p – 222mb
480p – 381mb
720p – 609mb
1080p – 1.21gb

Episode 3: Look Into My Eyes
Download: 360p – 211mb
480p – 383mb
720p – 592mb
1080p – 1.19gb

Episode 4: New Day Rising
Download: 360p – 182mb
480p – 279mb
720p – 491mb
1080p – 1.07gb

Episode 5: Anything for You
Download: 360p – 179mb
480p – 268mb
720p – 494mb
1080p – 1.17gb

Episode 6: Follow the White Rabbit
Download: 360p – 135mb
480p – 229mb
720p – 447mb
1080p – 1.02gb

Episode 7: Red Queen
Download: 360p – 99mb
480p – 200mb
720p – 430mb
1080p – 1.03gb

Episode 8: Blood Rush
November 7, 2016 (Monday)…

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